How not to run a marathon

With a head cold.

Except not.
Except not.

The Lady and I ran the Big Sur International Marathon a week ago. It was beautiful, it was brutal, and to cap off the triumvirate with a non-alliterative finish, it was exhausting, and not just because we ran a marathon.

I had a sore throat in the days leading up to our departure for the west coast. It flared up a little bit the day before–nothing more than a somewhat runny nose–and I still felt good through about mile 20 on race day.

But that last 10K. And then a tattered immune system, shredded from running 26.2 miles the day before, completely giving up on life. And then spending the entire next day traveling.

Ugh. I strongly recommend against running a marathon while under the weather.

Race report to come!


4 thoughts on “How not to run a marathon

  1. I had a light case of the flu days before the LA Marathon. I was fine until Mile 7, then I wasn’t. Finished though.

    Looking forward to your race report. Congrats on Big Sur. It’s beautiful and brutal.

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