About Me

Hi! Shannon here.

I started this blog because running became enough of my life to cease clogging my general-purpose blog with my errant ventures, and instead dedicate an entire corner of the interwebs to my adventures in justifying mass pancake consumption running.

IMG_0691To be blunt, up until a few years ago, running was just a way of staying at some minimum level of physical fitness. I’ve played almost every major sport competitively, but in each case running in its purest form was either a punishment or something I did over the weekend to keep from being a total blob. Sure, I ran the occasional 5k and one or two 10ks. But even after logging my first 10k in under 50 minutes, it still wasn’t really a “thing” for me. I preferred weightlifting and playing sports.

Enter 2010 and the start of graduate school.

The Lady and I, for some reason, registered for the Atlanta Half Marathon. Thus began a training regimen that unlike anything I’d ever undertaken before. I can’t describe when the shift happened, but somewhere in there running became more than “just another way to stay in shape.” Sure, the Lady still had to brawl with me over various habits that absolutely had to change if I wanted to take on higher mileage (equipment, in-run fueling, sports drinks, pre-run fueling, clothes, etc), and even though I crashed and burned 10 miles into the half, I caught the bug.

Now, I have a veritable bulletin board full of races with no fewer than 5 half-marathons, a full marathon, a metric butt-ton of 5ks and 10ks, and a smattering of other distances including the venerable Ragnar Relay. I certainly still love playing sports and weightlifting, but let’s be serious here: the level of fitness you get through running is absurd, and the amount of pancakes you can eat afterwards is amazing.

I suppose you could say I’m enjoying it, and could therefore use a creative outlet.

So yeah. Here’s a picture for your troubles.


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