Taking a page from Rob’s playbook, I’m tracking my racing progress here, starting with the 2010 Peachtree Road Race.

2018 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
7/4/2018 Peachtree Road Race 10K 53:44 Link (GC) Quite a discrepancy in distance between “official” and what Phawkes measured.
6/23/2018 Chapelwood Chase 5K 24:27 Link (GC) Been a rough couple weeks life-wise, and this was a rough course, but all things considered: this was fun!
6/10/2018 Rabun Trail Half 13.1M (ish) 3:07:07 Link (GC) This might have been the most challenging and rewarding race I’ve ever done.
6/6/2018 The Big Run 5K 5K 24:48 Link (GC) Took this easy, just a fun run with The Lady for #GlobalRunningDay!
5/12/2018 Marigold 10K 10K 48:43 Link (GC) Underestimated the course and wobbled on the last two miles, but hooray for the first sub-50 10K in a couple years!
4/29/2018 Eugene Marathon 13.1M 1:45:42 Link (GC) Paced The Lady for 10 miles to the full/half split, then tumbled to my best half finish in 3 years!
3/18/2018 Lake Chapman Trail Race 15K 1:32:52 Link (GC) Second 15K ever!
3/3/2018 Albany Half Marathon 13.1M 1:48:10 Link (GC) 15-second course record, pretty solid given work stress and injury!

2017 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
12/16/2017 Santa Stroll 8K 8K 37:13 Link (GC) Not my best 8K; blew up hardcore but had been pushing a hard pace. Got 3rd in my AG!
11/23/2017 Chagrin Falls Turkey Trot 5K 22:30 Link (GC) Best 5K in years. First mile was slow due to a sea of humanity.
11/11/2017 Chickamauga Battlefield Half 13.1M 1:46:55 Link (GC) Best half outing in over two years, and a course PR by a lot.
10/22/2017 Ath Half 13.1M 1:53:22 Link (GC) Really rough outing. Still beat my 2015 time, though, and on a much harder course.
10/7/2017 In Their Shoes 10K 10K 51:16 Link (GC) This course was BRUTAL but also measured short. Ran this race in the middle of a 15-mile day, so definitely didn’t set any landspeed records.
7/4/2017 Peachtree Road Race 10K 53:27 Link (GC) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
6/17/2017 No Mercy Trail Run 15K 1:53:56 Link (GC) First lengthy trail race! Loved it.
3/4/2017 Albany Half Marathon 13.1M 1:48:24 Link (GC) Smashing course PR. Continuing a good trajectory toward being competitive again.

2016 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
12/17/2016 Santa Stroll 8K 8K 37:40 Link (GC) Over a minute faster than last month, but still felt really hard.
11/24/2016 Give Thanks 8K 8K 38:51 Link (GC) This was pretty rough.
10/9/2016 Ath Half 13.1M 1:48:52 Link (GC) Good weather and a relaxed mental outlook resulted in a performance way better than I’d predicted going in.
7/16/2016 The Scream 13.1M 1:52:30 Link (GC) You’ve never run a downhill race like this one.
7/4/2016 Peachtree Road Race 10K 51:48 Link (GC) This was unreal, easily the worst weather conditions for this race I’ve run in.
5/7/2016 Twilight 5K 5K 22:50 Link (GC) Not my best, but not bad either.
5/1/2016 Pittsburgh Marathon Relay 26.2M 3:38:39 Link (GC) Team “Sprinkles Are For Winners” kicked some ass!
3/5/2016 Albany Half Marathon 13.1M 1:53:04 Link (GC) Finished standing up and feeling good.

2015 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
12/31/2015 Great NYE 5K 5K 23:01 Link (GC) Fun fact: ran this a handful of seconds faster than I did in 2011.
12/19/2015 Santa Stroll 8K 8K 37:07 Link (GC) Pushed as much as I could, given my relative shape. Not bad all things considered.
11/26/2015 Give Thanks 8K 8K 41:53 Link (GC) Took this nice and easy. Gorgeous and fun race.
11/14/2015 Chickamauga Battlefield Half 13.1M 1:49:57 (unofficial) Link (GC) Felt spectacular at this race. Definitely came in under 1:50, though timing mat issues wound up nuking my chip time.
10/25/2015 Ath Half 13.1M 1:54:25 Link (GC) Blew up a bit on this one; but again, haven’t been training. At all.
10/4/2015 Michelob ULTRA Half Marathon 13.1M 1:53:10 Link (GC) Made sure to take this easy, since I haven’t been running. Very, very hard course, but honestly felt great throughout.
9/27/2015 Pittsburgh Great Race 10K 48:41 Link (GC) First run in 4 weeks due to injury; only goal was to finish feeling good. Was just thrilled to be out there again; I’ll get my running form back.
7/4/2015 Peachtree Road Race 10K 46:19 Link (GC) Course PR by a metric ton, but overall very disappointed with my performance.
6/20/2015 Let’s Move 5K 5K 21:57 Link (GC) 1st in my AG, 8th overall, but completely imploded in the second half.
5/25/2015 Run with the Dawgs 5K 21:45 Link (GC) Reaaaaally hilly finish, but not bad considering how little sleep I’d been getting.
4/26/2015 Big Sur Marathon 26.2M 4:26:11 Link (GC) Certainly not a PR, especially with a head cold. But not bad at all.
4/10 – 4/11 Ragnar Trails Atlanta 120M 25:03:22 Link An absolute blast with a phenomenal group of people. Check out this tag to read the race reports.
3/22/2015 Publix Georgia Half Marathon 13.1M 1:45:08 Link (GC) This went amazingly well. Not a PR but still crushed all expectations.
1/1/2015 New Year’s at Noon 5k 5K 22:03 Link (GC) Aside from a yelping IT band, it felt good to hit the races again. 4th in my AG; missed by 20 seconds.

2014 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
12/7/2014 Trot for Tots 5K 21:03 Link (GC) Turned out to be the only M25-29 racer; got 1st in my AG! Race was about 0.1mi short.
12/7/2014 Trot for Tots 10K 46:46 Link (GC) 2nd in my AG (out of 2, of course). Still had a surprising amount of kick in my legs after the 5k. Yay!
11/27/2014 Aurora Turkey Trot 4M 27:54 Link (GC) 4th in AG!
11/9/2014 EQT 10 Miler 10M 1:21:28 Link (GC) Hard, hilly, windy course through beautiful Pittsburgh. Still no racing stamina, though.
10/18/2014 Buffalo Creek Half Marathon 13.1M 1:52:21 Link (GC) I have never, ever, blown up as badly as I did in this race. Yikes. The race itself was beautiful though.
9/28/2014 Pittsburgh Great Race 10K 43:41 Link (GC) Bolted out the gate and nearly set a 5K PR, which resulted in quite a pullback in the second half. Still managed to come in under 44 minutes. Proud of the effort.
9/20/2014 Air Force Half Marathon 13.1M 1:45:42 Link (GC) Overtrained. Course PR, but still missed my A-goal by a pretty wide margin. Oh well.
8/10/2014 Run for Gold 26.2K 2:22:17 Link (GC) Goals were to beat last year’s time and have fun. Success on both counts.
7/6/2014 Sweet Sprint 3K 3K 11:38 Link (GC) Netted 1st in my AG for the second year in a row, and improved my time by 22 seconds! Extremely steady pacing this time around.
6/15/2014 Man Up 10K 10K 44:01 Link (GC) Yesterday’s 14-miler proved too much to overcome today. It was a lovely race, weather included, but I was too tired to gun for a PR.
5/25/2014 It’s About The Warrior 5K 5K 20:43 Link (GC) 15 seconds off my PR–which was short–and this was properly measured. Awarded 1st in my AG, though an interloper has since surreptitiously usurped that honor and relegated me to 2nd in the official results.
5/4/2014 Pittsburgh Half Marathon 13.1M 1:41:07 Link (GC) Redemption in so many ways. This race was amazing.
4/27/2014 Burgh’s Pizza & Wings Pub 10K 46:15 Link (GC) Forcibly ran this at a slower pace, due to the Pittsburgh half only being 1 week out. Still got 2nd in my AG!
3/29/2014 Just a Short Run 13.1M 1:41:36 Link (GC) First half-marathon PR in two years. Couldn’t quite nail a sustained 7:30 pace, but that’s in the wings. Plus got 1st in my AG!
2/22/2014 Spring Thaw 10M 1:15:22 Link (GC) Stuck like glue to my pacing group and nailed my goal of a 7:30 pace. It was brutal, but I was thrilled with it.
1/12/2014 Frigid 5 Miler 5M 37:38 Link (GC) Crushed the first three miles of this race, then imploded for the last bit. Oh well.

2013 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
11/28/2013 Cleveland Turkey Trot 5M 37:58 Link (GC) First mile was a sea of humanity; after that roads were too dicey to put on any speed. Still had a blast.
10/27/2013 Marine Corps Marathon 26.2M 4:17:23 Link (GC) Ran this way slower than I’d hoped to. But that disappointment aside, I wouldn’t trade anything for the event itself.
9/29/2013 Pittsburgh Great Race 10K 42:45 Link (GC) I’d written off this race a week ago, and ended up with a PR by 16 seconds. 2nd year in a row as a seeded runner, 2nd year in a row setting a new PR. Evidently this course + high mileage the day before = winning?
9/21/2013 Air Force Half Marathon 13.1M 1:47:15 Link (GC) This was technically a course PR, simply by virtue of being correctly measured. I had a decent day; fell back at mile 10. Definitely thirsting for a breakthrough though.
8/11/2013 Run for Gold 26.2K 2:24:37 Link (GC) Metric marathon out in the boonies of Maryland, in fact where our Ragnar team started. It was a very sharp mental day, but physically I had a very hard time with this race. Still, a load of fun and lots of lovely folks.
7/7/2013 Sweet Sprint 3K 3K 12:00 Link (GC) Never run a race like this before, but after doing it I’d love to do it again! Got 1st in my AG, had a blast.
6/15/2013 Summer Solstice 8K 8K 39:23 Link (GC) My goal for this was to have fun and ignore my Garmin. I did just that, in spite of (or because of?) those monstrous hills. Even got 4th in my AG!
6/8/2013 Run to Play 5K 5K 21:20 Link (GC) This race was also a bit short, but won 3rd overall!
6/1/2013 Skeeter 5K 5K 20:26 Link (GC) Race was a tad short, but I’m setting the bar high. 2nd in my AG, 8th overall. IT band cooperated. Loved it.
4/21/2013 Burgh’s Pizza & Wings Pub 10K 43:01 Link (GC) PR’d by 14 seconds, course PR by over a minute, 5th in my AG. Not bad for having done 15 miles the previous morning.
3/30/2013 Cottage 5K 5K 33:10 Overall | Age (GC) Paced my youngest sister in this race, and she tied her PR and got 1st in her age group!
2/23/2013 Spring Thaw 15M 2:13:32 Link (GC) Paced The Lady for the first 10 miles, then broke down for the third lap.
1/13/2013 Frigid 5 Miler 5M 37:17 Link (GC) Another course PR, but only by 15 seconds. I’ve plateaued a bit; need to work on my speed. Also, the 60+ degrees at start time was anything but frigid.
1/1/2013 New Year’s at Noon 5k 5K 21:26 Link (GC) At last, a properly-measured 5k. Nice local Athens GA race, got 2nd in my age group.

2012 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
12/8/2012 Jingle Bell 5k 5K 21:24 Link (GC) Course was REALLY short, over half a mile. Ran this at a comfortable pace to enjoy the jingle bells everyone wore.
12/2/2012 Trot for Tots 5K 18:10 Link (GC) 3rd in my AG. Race was 0.35M short, so it doesn’t count towards my PR. Great race for a great cause!
12/2/2012 Trot for Tots 10K 47:45 Link (GC) 4th in my AG, despite my legs giving out around mile 4.5. Primary objective in this race was to “rabbit” for The Lady. (2nd overall in my AG for those who ran both races)
11/18/2012 Philadelphia Marathon 26.2M 4:17:31 Link (GC) Very bad mental day for me, but I finished my first ever marathon!
9/30/2012 Pittsburgh Great Race 10K 43:15 Link (GC) First race since 2006 as a seeded runner. Both a 10K and a 5K PR!
9/21-9/22 Ragnar Relay 197M 30:55:28 Link We were team #225, Four Score and Seven Miles Ago. What an incredible experience. (all the posts about it)
9/15/2012 Air Force Half Marathon 13.1M 1:48:32 Link (GC) Official time includes almost a whole extra mile due to an accidental diverting of some half-marathoners onto the full track. It was still a blast, I still had a great run, and I’m still going to do it again next year.
9/1/2012 Run For Your Lives! 5K 1:00:55 Link The race itself was pretty awesome. Here’s my full review.
6/17/2012 Man Up 10K 10K 43:55 Link (GC) Pretty sure this race was short, as my Garmin reported slower overall pacing even though official results call this my PR. Going with official results; setting the bar high!
6/3/2012 Mutt Strut 5K 5K 20:23 Link (GC) It was a short race (by 0.12-0.15mi) so I’m not counting this as my PR. Plus I was somehow listed as a woman. But it was a lovely and enjoyable local race.
5/6/2012 Pittsburgh Half Marathon 13.1M 1:50:24 Link (GC) Ugh.
4/22/2012 Burgh’s Pizza & Wings Pub 10K 44:19 Link (GC) New 10k PR at the same race as the PR I replaced. 3rd in age group.
4/20/2012 Random Distance Race 3 * 400m 4:16.25 Link (GC) 3 laps this year instead of 2, and moved up to 12th place from 13th. Improvement all around!
3/31/2012 Just a Short Run 13.1M 1:43:51 Link (GC) Was recovering from the Moroccan Plague and not only PR’d, but blasted through my goal PR for the Pittsburgh Half in May.
2/25/2012 Spring Thaw 20M 3:09:49 Link (GC) First-ever run over 13 miles. Miles 18-20 were a bit dicey.
1/8/2012 Frigid 5 Miler 5M 37:36 Link (GC) Shattered my previous Frigid 5 time, weather was WAY milder (plus no snow), and still felt like I took it a little easy. Not too shabby.

2011 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
12/31/2011 Great New Year’s Eve Race 5K 23:08 Overall | Age (GC) Another gun time race. Rolling hills killed chances for PR, but was still fun.
11/24/2011 Aurora Turkey Trot 4M 28:54 Link (GC) Strange that my Garmin thought the race was longer than the official time.
11/12/2011 Energizer Night Race 5K 23:29 Link (GC) It was dark, it was rainy, there were a few hundred people crammed onto a single sidewalk, but um. It was in Vancouver. Your argument is invalid. Oh, still got 5th in my age group.
10/29/2011 Terrifying 10K 10K 56:10 Link (GC) Official time was gun time only, our time was sub-55. Ran it easy because we wanted to check out the cool Halloween costumes and bask in our own.
9/25/2011 Pittsburgh Great Race 10K 48:23 Link (GC) Better luck next time.
9/17/2011 Air Force Half Marathon 13.1M 1:53:40 Link (GC) PR’d by over 16 minutes, in spite of falling behind the 8:24 pace group at mile 11.
9/10/2011 Montour Trails 5K / Half marathon 5K 22:04 Link (GC) Flat with a massive downhill, PR’d by 40 seconds. 5th in age group. w00t!
5/1/2011 Burgh’s Pizza & Wings Pub 10K 48:10 Link Started off way too fast, managed to PR anyway. Awesome trail course.
4/22/2011 Random Distance Race 2 * 400m 2:44.16 Link Two laps around the track? Seriously?
3/26/2011 Just a Short Run 8.1M 1:14:48 Link Felt really good despite pulling an all-nighter two nights before, but went easy anyway.
1/9/2011 Frigid 5 Miler 5M 43:34 Link Really cold.

2010 Races

Date Race Distance Time Results Notes
11/25/2010 Atlanta Half Marathon 13.1M 2:09:58 Link Bonked at mile 9 due to severe dehydration. Won’t make that mistake again.
10/23/2010 CMU Donut Dash 2M 17:35 Link (PNG) Team TITAN URANUS was the second coed team that finished that didn’t have CMU track/XC runners.
10/2/2010 Run Shadyside 5K 26:43 Link Ran this one for fun, didn’t try too hard
9/26/2010 Pittsburgh Great Race 10K 50:42 Link Should have gotten sub-50, first mile was a sea of humanity that took 11+ minutes.
9/3/2010 CMU Pretty Good Race 5K 24:41 Link Brutal trails through Schenley Park.
7/4/2010 Atlanta Peachtree Road Race 10K 56:32 Link Not bad for the first 10K in years.